Park Toolshed

As a registered Friends of the Park group, you are eligible to borrow from Park Pride's toolshed for FREE! We have a variety of basic landscaping tools available that you can use to more efficiently equip volunteers in your park. Tools include:

pitch forks
hand saws
pick mattocks
weed wrenches
trash grabbers
water coolers

Tool requests are on a first come first serve basis to all registered Friends of the Park groups. Please let us know of your tool needs a couple of weeks ahead of time so that we can reserve them for your volunteer project. When scheduling allows, Park Pride can usually even drop them off and pick them up from your house!

Since this is a FREE service, we do ask that any lost or broken tools be replaced by the Friends of the Park group.

For more information about our tools or to reserve them for your volunteer project, feel free to reach out to our Volunteer Manager, John Ahern, at

For more information about how to register your Friends of the Park group and take advantage of this service, please contact our Director of Community Building, Ayanna Williams, at