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Park Employee Recognition Program!

Park Pride is excited to announce the Park Employee Recognition Program! The Park Employee Recognition Program is a citizen driven initiative that will recognize high performing Parks Department staff and acknowledge it publically. Citizens can nominate specific employees of the City of Atlanta Parks Department for providing:

     1. Excellent customer service;
     2. World class execution of routine maintenance;
     3. Timely support of approved citizen led special projects;
     4. Team work -working across departments, districts or to support park improvements;

Winners will be recognized monthly and entered into a grand prize drawing for sports and arts tickets, a VISA gift-card, and a restaurant gift-card! The grand prize winners will be announced at the Park Workers’ Picnic in October. Please help us reward the outstanding work of the Parks Department by nominating employees doing outstanding jobs! To nominate an individual for the Park Employee Recognition Program, please fill out this form, or reach out to Ayanna Williams with your nomination information: ayanna@parkpride.org

Park Pride: Supporting More & Better Parks

Since its founding 25 years ago, Park Pride has provided support for more than 250 parks in the City of Atlanta and DeKalb! That support has come in the form of providing volunteer efforts, aid in forming a Friends of the Park group, the development of a Park Visioning Plan, or by receiving a grant, for example.

Zoom out on the map below to view Atlanta and DeKalb by neighborhood, then zoom in to click on a specific park and see Park Pride’s engagement in that area!