Friends of the Park

Friends of the Park Groups

What is a “Friends of the Park Group” (FOP)?

A Friends of the Park Group is formed as a first step in creating positive long lasting change in a public park. While friends of the parks group can be different in terms of size, scope of work and influence, all FOP groups form with the purpose of improving a park or greenspace.

“Friends of the Park” Groups have the following characteristics:

  • a group
  • of park users (often neighbors and community leaders)
  • actively working
  • to improve one or more parks
  • in a define geographic area (typically a neighborhood)

Benefits of Becoming a Friends of the Park Group
Officially forming a Friends of the Park group will have many intangible benefits, such as giving neighbors an opportunity to meet and interact and creating a single unified voice for the park. However, there are also many tangible benefits that a Friends group can take advantage of once registered with Park Pride including access to:

Becoming a member of an existing “Friends” group or starting your own “Friends” group is a great first step to improving your neighborhood park!

To find out if there is an FOP group in your neighborhood park, contact Ayanna Williams ( or 404-546-7963) or see the list below.

LEARN how to create your own Friends of the Park Group!

Connect with Friends of the Park group members and park advocates from all over Atlanta and DeKalb. Join us on the second Wednesday of each month in a different park at Park Pride's monthly Park Meeting as we discuss education, networking and strategy for improving our parks and park system.

City of Atlanta Friends of the Park Groups

  • Adair Parks
  • Ashby Circle Play Lot
  • Atlanta Memorial Park Conservancy
  • Beaverbrook Park
  • Beecher Hampton Nature Preserve
  • Bitsy Grant Tennis Center
  • Blue Heron Nature Preserve
  • Bobby Jones Golf Course
  • Boulevard Pocket Parks
  • Candler Park
  • Brownwood Park
  • Cascade Nature Springs Preserve
  • Castlewood
  • Central Park
  • Channing Valley
  • Coan
  • CoanSPLASH!
  • Collier Heights Park
  • Cunard Memorial
  • Duck Pond
  • East Lake
  • Ellsworth
  • English
  • Enota Park
  • Freedom
  • Garden Hills
  • Grant Park
  • Hardy Ivy
  • Herbert Taylor
  • Historic Fourth Ward Park
  • Jacci Fuller Woodland Gardens Park
  • Jennie Drake Park
  • John Howell Park
  • Kirkwood Parks
  • Lake Claire Park
  • Lang Carson Park
  • Lindsay Street Park
  • Little 5 Points Parks
  • Little Nancy Creek Park
  • Louise Howard Park
  • Maddox Park
  • Mattie Freeland Greenspace
  • Morningside Nature Preserve
  • Mountain Way Common
  • Mozley
  • Noble Park
  • Peachtree Heights West
  • Peachtree Hills Park
  • Perkerson Park
  • Rev. James Orange Park at Oakland City
  • Riverside Park
  • Rockdale Park
  • Rose Circle Park
  • Sara J. Gonzalez Park
  • Sibley Park
  • Sidney Marcus Park
  • South Atlanta Park
  • South Bend Park
  • Southside Park
  • Spink Collins Park
  • Springlake
  • Tanyard Creek Urban Forest
  • Underwood Hills Park
  • Walker Park
  • Washington Park
  • Waterworks Park
  • Watkins
  • West End Park
  • West Manor Park
  • Winn Park
  • Whittier Mill Park

DeKalb Friends of the Park Groups