About the Volunteer Program

Every year, Park Pride coordinates approximately 17,000 hours of service. This is possible thanks to volunteers just like you! Throughout the City of Atlanta and DeKalb County, folks are coming together to get dirty while making significant improvements to their public parks. Whether you’re with a community group, a corporate group, or just looking to help out in your neighborhood, volunteering in a park is a great way for you and your peers to give back to the community while promoting teamwork and healthy outdoor activity.

Park Pride welcomes and encourages groups of all sizes to get in touch with us so we can help coordinate a meaningful day of service for you. From mulching and painting to picking up litter and clearing invasive plants, volunteers take on a wide variety of beneficial projects that improve their local parks!

Group Volunteering

Interested in setting up a volunteer project for your group? Send an email to Park Pride’s Volunteer Manager, John Ahern, at john@parkpride.org with the following information:

       1.  DATE: When are you interested in volunteering? (Please indicate at least three possible dates in case your first choice is already taken. We generally schedule projects a month in advance, but during peak season – Spring and Fall – we may require more advance notice.)
       2.  NUMBER OF VOLUNTEERS: How many volunteers do you expect to come out to the workday? How many of the volunteers are youth, and what are their ages? (Project scopes of work are greatly influenced by the number of volunteers, so please gauge your group’s interest before sending an accurate estimate.)
       3.  LOCATION: Is there a specific park that is meaningful to you where you would like to see some improvements? Is there a specific area of town you’d like to volunteer in? Or are you willing to go wherever you are most needed?
       4.  BUDGET: Do you have a budget available to purchase project materials? (This is not required, but providing project materials opens up additional project opportunities. Contributions for project materials are made as a tax-deductible donation.)
       5.  Any other information about your group that will help us in deciding the most appropriate park and project.

Once we receive your email, Park Pride will respond within 3 business days to confirm we received your request and to ask any follow-up questions. We’ll coordinate with our Friends of the Park groups and the City of Atlanta or DeKalb County Parks Department to determine what the most appropriate and beneficial project will be. Park Pride will develop the scope of work for your project, coordinate all appropriate materials, tools, and gloves, and offer day-of project management. All you have to do is show up and volunteer!

If you are looking to volunteer on a national day of service – i.e. MLK Jr. Day, Earth Day, 9/11 Day of Service, National Public Lands Day – please plan ahead as our projects fill up quickly. Please reach out to Park Pride to schedule a project at least 30 days ahead of time or plan on being flexible with dates and locations.

For smaller groups (up to around 40 volunteers depending on the project scope), Park Pride has enough tools and gloves to outfit your volunteers free of charge. For larger groups, we rent tools from the Atlanta Community ToolBank and ask the volunteer group to cover the nominal tool rental fee.

What to Expect

Most volunteer projects last 3 hours – usually from 9:00am until 12:00pm – and can take place any day during the week or weekend. This is the perfect amount of time for volunteers to accomplish significant results without becoming exhausted. All volunteers are expected to arrive on time and ready to work. Everyone will be asked to sign-in on our liability waiver before beginning to work. Park Pride staff will arrive early to make sure the tools are organized and everything is in order. Following a brief welcome and introduction to the project – including a demonstration on how to safely use the necessary tools – volunteers will get to work right away.

All volunteers are encouraged ask questions, work at their own pace, and take plenty of water breaks.

At the end of the project, we ask volunteers to wrap up what they are working on, collect and organize all the tools, fold up tarps, and clean-up any “mess” we may have made. Once all the tools and supplies are organized and accounted for, volunteers will gather again for a quick wrap-up before heading home.

Individual Volunteers

Are you are an individual who is interested in joining a volunteer project or is looking for community service hours? Here’s how you can get involved:

       1.   Check out our online Events Calendar and find which project you are most interested in. We update the calendar as we schedule group projects so if you don’t see a date/location that is convenient to you, feel free to keep checking back to see what we have added.
       2.   Send an email to our Volunteer Manager at john@parkpride.org stating which project you would like to join. Once we receive your request, we will respond to let you know if there is space available for the project you requested. If so, we’ll let you know the pertinent project details, what to bring and wear, and what will be provided.

We welcome individuals out to most of our projects, exceptions being when we already have enough volunteers for the project or the group has requested to limit the participants to their own group members.

We are regularly in need of individuals who are interested in staying involved in the volunteer program long term. Would you like to develop your skills and knowledge in order to become a team leader for our larger projects? If you are interested in joining us on projects at least monthly, contact John Ahern, Park Pride Volunteer Manager, at john@parkpride.org for more information.


Do you want to support the volunteer program beyond the scope of a single project? Park Pride welcomes donations to help support the volunteer program. Donations to the volunteer program go toward the purchase and maintenance of tools and gloves, the purchase of consumable products like painting supplies and trash bags, overhead expenses, and off-setting the expense of renting tools for groups who can’t afford it. Your generous tax-deductable contribution will help many and be greatly appreciated.


Please feel free to get in touch with our Volunteer Manager, John Ahern, via email at john@parkpride.org or by phone at 404-546-6854.