Park Visioning

Our signature program

Program Overview

Park Visioning is quite unique—like no other in the country.  Led by professional landscape architects on Park Pride’s staff, a community is taken  through an 8-month process of compiling community input to determine where their needs are and to design (or re-design) their neighborhood park. In essence, the process converts a community’s dream into a conceptual, but tangible masterplan. The Park Visioning process and resulting conceptual master plans not only energize the community to improve their quality of life, but become powerful tools to solicit private funding and lobby for public funding for communities to help reach their goals.—Since the program was initiated in 2005, with strong community support and leverage, more than $12 million has gone toward implementing these community-created “Park Visions.”


"Not only did the Visioning process save us so much money, it helped us envision the park we wanted.  Walt was amazing. He was a leader … and helped us put everything into perspective."
Alice Gepp
Friends of Orme Park

One of the largest successes of 2013 was managing the demolition of a large apartment building that stood over a newly built playground in Vine City Park that Park Pride helped to "Vision" years earlier. See the video below and refer to our blog to see the complete story of Vine City Park, a story that is still playing out to this day!

Vine City Park Structure Demo from Gnoggin Studios on Vimeo.

In 2007, the Vine City Park playground was built with the help of Park Pride after the neighborhood took advantage of its Visioning program. However, a large empty apartment building continued to stand over the space – residents lobbied for four years to have the building torn down and replaced with more park! With Park Pride’s support and that of several other stakeholders and donors, the community was able to purchase the building in 2012, and Park Pride managed the permit to have the building demolished in July, 2013. Next steps? The community will undergo another series of “visioning” meetings with the Park Pride team to determine how this new greenspace will be utilized! See the complete story and timeline on our blog. A big thanks to Gnoggin Studios for producing this video .