Park of the Month

Education. Recognition. Reward. These are the foundation of Park Pride's Park of the Year program, which recognizes outstanding maintenance by Atlanta’s Office of Parks personnel.

Launched in 2005 at the request of the Office of Parks, Park Pride staff use the City's own standards to provide both recognition of good work and constructive criticism in park maintenance.  We meet with Office of Parks employees at the beginning of each season to review best practices in maintenance and addressing challenges such as drought.  Six times a year we take a first-hand look at five Atlanta parks and report our findings to the entire Parks Department staff.

Each fall after the six monthly awards have been given, Park Pride recognizes one Park of the Year—the best maintained park in Atlanta.

2010 Monthly Winners
April - Whittier Mill Park
May - Parkway-Angier Park
June - Melvin Drive Park
July - Hillside-Northside Triangle
August - Channing Valley Park
September - Oakland Cemetery and Noble Park

Over the past five years, Park Pride has seen marked improvement in park maintenance, in no small part due to this program. We are proud to be able to partner with the Office of Parks on such an effective and impactful program.

The program was modified this year to include a first and second runner up. Our winners for 2010 are:

Park of the Year 2010 - More than 48 acres of park land including a pine forest, ball fields, covered basketball courts, tennis courts and picnic tables with grills. The crew polished, painted and planted their way to park of the year!

Melvin Drive Park, SW District (POM June Winner)
Melvin Drive Park - Park of the Year Winner

1st Runner-Up - A neighborhood park that seems to always have a playground full of children. The crews created clean lines with wood chip mulch around trees throughout the park and cleared all weeds from flower beds and hard surfaces. Deep vertical edges are seen throughout the park and paint was used strategically onsite furnishings.

Noble Park , NE District (POM September Winner)
Noble Park - Park of the Year 1st runner up

2nd Runner-Up - An urban park featuring stone walkways that are free of weeds and litter. The park was enhanced in a number of ways including removal of overgrowth along the fence line and aeration of the soil.

Parkway-Angier Park , NE District (POM May Winner)
Parkway-Angier Park - Park of the Year 2nd runner up