Park Atlanta Rescue Coalition

Rescue atlanta's parks
In 2001, a broad coalition of greenspace supporters, community leaders and environmental groups, united to advocate for Atlanta’s parks. For more than a decade now, the Parks Atlanta Rescue Coalition (PARC) has rallied support around a shared agenda of improving Atlanta’s parks and greenspace.

PARC invites you to join in the effort to enhance the quality of life, public health, environment and economy of our city by standing up for our parks and park system, signing the PARC Pledge and attending monthly PARC meetings!

PARC Pledge

Stand up for Atlanta’s parks! Sign the PARC Pledge!

A ranking of 60 U.S. cities conducted in 2014 by the Trust for Public Land placed Atlanta in the bottom half of peer cities (42nd of 60 cities) for its parks and greenspace. Factors contributing to this ranking include accessibility of parks, parks’ spending, and parks’ staffing. For example, in Atlanta parks’ spending and staffing for operations and maintenance has remained flat year over year, even as new acres of land have been added for greenspace. Additionally, more than a third of Atlantans do not live within a 10 minute walk of their nearest park!

Atlanta’s park system needs our help. That’s why PARC is here. By raising your voice and signing the PARC Pledge, Atlanta policy makers will recognize the importance of greenspace and be influenced to prioritize parks!

PARC Meeting

On the second Wednesday of every month at 7:30am, Park Pride brings together community leaders and park advocates from throughout Atlanta for education, networking and strategy. Representatives from dozens of Friends of the Park Groups, park conservancies and the parks department visit a different park to learn more about the community efforts in that park, discuss current park and greenspace issues and support each other in efforts to improve our parks and our park system.

See the full Park Pride calendar with PARC meeting dates and locations, or follow @ParkPride on Twitter for details!