Park Pride Parks and Greenspace Conference

Parks & People: A Declaration of Interdependence

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What makes a park great? This is the question at the center of the 2015 Parks and Greenspace Conference theme.

Great parks don't happen by accident. Atlanta's Woodruff Park illustrates an inspiring example of how iconic spaces have been brought back from the brink of despair and disuse by a group of committed community members, businesses, and initiatives. All over the world, languishing public spaces have been re-invented by strong community interventions, deliberate design and programming and strategic partnerships.

It is clear that there is a symbiotic relationship between a community and its park that creates either success or disaster. The theme of this year's conference, "Parks and People: A Declaration of Interdependence," explores the direct (and often complex) relationships between engaged communities and successful parks.

Who Should Attend

This year's conference theme is broad, and as such we'll have multiple concurrent sessions within the program geared toward audiences from a wide range of backgrounds. Topics covered at the Parks and Greenspace Conference will appeal to:

  • Community members and leaders
  • Park professionals
  • Park advocates
  • Architects and landscape architects
  • Urban designers
  • Real-estate developers and professionals
  • Urban planners
  • Government policy makers
  • Elected officials
  • Civil engineers
  • Environmental lawyers

ASLA CEU Credits

In order to successfully qualify for Continuing Education Credits according to the Secretary of State and the Landscape Architecture Registration Board, Registered Landscape Architects must do all of the following:

  • Register for the Parks and Greenspace Conference AND check "Yes" you are interested in receiving CEU credits on the registration form;

  • Check-in at the "ASLA CEU Credits" registration table at the conference on March 23rd before 8:30am in the Hardin Visitor Center at Atlanta Botanical Garden; and

  • Check-out at the "ASLA CEU Credits" table at the conference at 5pm in Mershon Hall.

Leaving the conference at any point during the day for any reason will automatically disqualify you from receiving CEU credits.

Questions or Concerns:
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