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Pipes to Parks: Creating Greenspace with Rainwater

Green Infrastructure: Sustainable and natural management techniques that harvest, treat and utilize rain runoff in greenspaces such as parks, bio-swales, constructed wetlands and rooftop gardens, diverting water away from and reducing a need for traditional "gray" infrastructure (i.e. sewers and drainage pipes).

All over the country, communities and municipalities are implementing ground-breaking projects that leverage rainwater runoff and green infrastructure techniques to build innovative parks and greenspaces. In addition to improving water quality, these new greenspaces can catalyze redevelopment, mitigate storm water flooding, provide off-road transportation corridors, transform neighborhoods, and often provide community amenities where none existed previously.

The 2014 Parks and Greenspace Conference will highlight existing opportunities for development, inspire cooperation from diverse partners, and influence decision-makers to creatively solve problems concerning infrastructure while producing wonderful parks and greenspaces that provide multiple benefits to communities.

If you're interested in sponsorship opportunities for "Pipes to Parks," please download our sponsorship packet for details. For questions or more information, contact Betty at betty@parkpride.org

Registration for the 13th Annual Parks and Greenspace Conference is now open!

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