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2015 Inspiration Award Winners

On Monday, March 23, 2015, Park Pride announced eight recipients of the 2015 Inspiration Awards. The Inspiration Awards annually honor leaders who inspire others to expand and improve public parks and greenspaces and work to raise awareness about critical, relevant issues. Read more about the awards

Parks can ignite growth in cities

Transit-oriented development now is becoming as common as highway-oriented development. The interdependent relationship between transportation and development has been undeniable. But what about park-oriented development? Cities are now beginning to discover the economic ripples that come to communities when there are thriving parks close by. Read more about city growth

As more people move to the City of Atlanta, having quality parks is key

In route to a plenary session at Park Pride’s annual conference, I passed a small, Midtown residential building located a short walk from Piedmont Park with units starting at $750,000 – a pretty penny for a townhome. It seemed an appropriate sighting as I headed to a plenary session: Just Green Enough: Contesting Environmental Gentrification. The focus was on the natural challenges of sustainable, equitable development. Read more about quality parks

14th Annual Conference

The conference, expected to draw 450 attendees, will explore the relationship between successful parks and the communities that sustain them under the theme, “Parks & People: A Declaration of Interdependence.” Read more about the conference

$800,000 in grants to local parks

“Great parks aren’t created in a vacuum,” said Michael Halicki, executive director of Park Pride. “Strong communities build great parks, and we see clear examples of this in our 2014 grant recipients.”

Read more about the grant recipients

The Community and Park Visioning

Becky Katz, Park Pride's Visioning Coordinator, talks to WBS's People 2 People regarding the role the Park Visioning Program plays in helping communities assess and voice the needs of their parks.

Watch the video.

Advocating for Atlanta’s Parks

For 25 years, Park Pride has been providing a voice for the voiceless – the parks in Atlanta and DeKalb County. . . . Read more

Community Corner

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Parks & People: A Declaration of Interdependence

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March 23, 2015
Atlanta Botanical Garden

The 2015 Parks and Greenspace Conference, Parks & People: A Declaration of Interdependence, will explore the direct relationship between engaged communities and successful parks.

Conference Details

Park Survey

Park Pride and the Parks of Summerhill Steering Committee invite you to participate, share your thoughts and help develop concepts for both existing and potential parks in the neighborhood.

Fill out this survey by Sunday, April 12 to let your voice be heard!


2015 Inspiration Award Winners

On March 23, 2015, Park Pride announced the 2015 Inspiration Award Winners at the Parks and Greenspace Conference. In this video, the winners offer their advice to greenspace advocates eager to make a difference in their park.