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People, Places, Parks

Read, comment and share Executive Director Michael Halicki's September article in SaportaReport's Thought Leadership column, "A Multitude of Motivations Drive Volunteering in Parks." Read more at the SaportaReport

Doing Good: Volunteers clean up local park and wildlife sanctuary

A hidden gem in DeKalb County received some TLC on Aug. 22 when 40 volunteers from various groups came together for a large clean up effort at Constitution Lakes, a 200-acre scenic wetlands park in Southeast Atlanta that provides a habitat and nesting area for birds and wildlife. Read more about the park cleanup

Park Pride Embraces a Bottom-Up Approach to Park Planning

This week, they’ve announced that applications are being accepted from community and park groups in the City of Atlanta to be a part of the 2016 Park Visioning Program, a program built upon facilitating conversation about the goals and hopes residents have for the future of their park . . . Read more about the Visioning program

Community Corner

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15th Annual Parks & Greenspace Conference

March 21, 2016

Park Pride is accepting presentation proposals for the 15th Annual Parks & Greenspace Conference at Atlanta Botanical Garden

The theme is "Parks & Play: A Conversation for All Ages." If this is a topic you can speak to, we'd love to hear from you! Visit the Park Pride website for more information, and submit your presentation proposals before November 2nd!

Parks & Greenspace Conference

2016 Park Pride Grant Schedule

People wearing Park Pride Shirts

Application Deadline:
October 26, 5 p.m.

Park Pride is now accepting applications for Community Building and Legacy Grants. For ALL grant information, visit the Funding Your Park page.

Vote for Cox Conserves Heroes!

Cox Conserves - Tom Branch

Tom Branch, a leader of the Friends of Frazier-Rowe Park, has been chosen as a finalist for this year's Cox Conserves Heroes because of his volunteer efforts on behalf of his park and community. Voting is open until October 26th - vote for Tom to help the Friends of Frazier-Rowe and Park Pride earn $20,000!